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State Company Lviv State Aircraft - repair factory "LSARP" - One of the most powerful companies of the State Concern "Ukroboronprom"
Lviv State Aircraft Repair Plant
is the leading enterprise specialised in repairing of the aviation technigues of military purpose.
The specialisation of the Plant - light front fighters, fighter - bombers of " MiG " type. Up to present time the Plant has mastered the overhaul of the aircrafts
MiG - 21, MiG - 23, MiG - 27 of all versions and MiG - 29.
About us The Plant holds a well developed production base and an adeguate professional staff able to carry out the high - quality repair of " MiG " type aircrafts within a short time ... >>>
Our services The Plant possesses the perfect facilities for training in the technological processes of aviation technigues repair, for the development and implementation
of the testing automatic methods using of up-to-date computers ...
Organization of repair At the Plant the repair of aviation technigues is carried out by the flow - nodal method making possible to the greatly increase quality level and the reliability of repaired aviation technigues ... >>>
Our history On October 15th 1939, on the basis of former hangars of the 6-th Repair Base of Air Force of Rech Pospolita the aircraft workshops called "133 Stationary Aircraft Workshops (SAW)" were founded ... >>>
Contact us The style of "LSARP" is an unconditional fulfilment of assumed obligations, with respect to the business partners and quality assurance on the world level.
You are welcome to co-operate! >>>

The hight quality level of repairing is guaranteed !

ISO 9002

Certificate of Approval 60413
ISO 9002

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